What is a SCITT?

About our SCITT

School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) is a consortium of Primary schools from the maintained or independent sectors in England.

They have a commitment to providing a high quality training environment for tomorrow's teachers, an environment in which students can learn from the enthusiasm and best practice of their professional colleagues.

A SCITT course is based in and run by schools and therefore offers a distinctive type of training. A feature of SCITT training is that, from day one, students are in a school environment, which enables them to acquire quickly, the depth of knowledge and range of skills required for effective teaching. SCITT programmes allow you to be taught by experienced, practising teachers specifically tailored towards local teaching needs.

If you prefer to spend more time training in the classroom, putting theory into practice and gaining confidence through increased contact with the school environment, then a SCITT programme is a good option for you.