What is SCITT?

SCITT North East

SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training) gives you the opportunity to gain genuine, hands-on learning during teacher teaching. You will train in a partnership school, local to you, in the North East. Our programme is validated by Northumbria University and on successful completion of the programme; you would gain QTS and a PGCE.

Why choose our SCITT?

High Force Education is a partnership of primary schools based in the North East and Durham. We offer a range of different school contexts so that you benefit from a varied set of experiences. From the very start you are placed in a school environment and learn the skills and knowledge required to become an effective teacher. You will be immersed in the school environment from the outset discovering techniques that established teachers use to motivate, engage and encourage children to learn.

Benefits of a SCITT

Working directly with established teachers during your SCITT teacher training year, trainees have genuine confidence that the information imparted by their qualified colleagues is based on fact and experience, rather than just theory. Student teachers will benefit from their qualified counterparts in lots of different ways; picking up on their enthusiasm and dedication is just one example. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to discuss practical situations as they emerge, such as how to embolden a shy pupil or inspire one that doesn’t respond to typical rewards or encouragement. So what kind of teacher does a SCITT course most appeal to? If you can see the advantages of putting theory into practice immediately and would love to develop confidence as a teacher from the very outset, then our SCITT is the right one for you.

North East Courses based in and run by schools, from High Force Education SCITT

At High Force Education SCITT, we have been training teachers since 2002. Our outstanding Ofsted rated SCITT course teaches the practical application of skills from day one as well as the latest theory. Our learning institution and our PGCE are validated by Northumbria University. On successful completion of the course, you will not only gain your PGCE, but also be awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Find out more about how to apply on our website at https://www.highforceeducation.co.uk, and if you have any questions, come along to one of our open days (dates on the website). Alternatively, call us on 01833 630487.