Studying to Teach on a North East and Durham PGCE - The Qualifications and Experience You Need to Apply

Durham PGCE

Our North East and Durham PGCE course could see you teaching your own class of pupils within a year, on a starting salary of around £23,000 per annum (or around £28,500 in inner London). PGCE stands for ‘postgraduate certificate in education’ and the course lasts for a year; but what do you need in terms of existing qualifications to apply, and what might strengthen your application? Here, we look at answers to just some of these questions.

Qualifications Required for PGCE Teacher Training

If you are interested in studying teaching on a PGCE in North Yorkshire, Stockton or Durham, then you must have a degree as well as GCSE grades of C (or the new level 4) in both English Language, and Maths. You must also have a grade C (or level 4) in one of the three sciences. You will need a second-class degree or above (a 1st, 2:1 or 2:2).

Do Certain PGCE Training Providers Expect You To Have Anything Further Before Applying?

There is no formal requirement on the part of PGCE training providers for you to have classroom experience as part of the supporting evidence for your application. However, it can be useful from your own perspective to help you understand what it is like to teach. Even if you’re a recent graduate, it’s likely that teaching will have altered a lot from when you were at school, particularly with the introduction of the new grading structure (9-1) and the reformed curriculum. Classroom experience will help you assess whether teaching is the right career choice for you, and will also stand you in good stead when it comes to making an application for our PGCE course.

A High Quality North East and Durham PGCE with QTS From High Force Education SCITT

At High Force Education SCITT, we offer excellence in teacher training through our one-year North East and Durham PGCE course. We’re made up of a partnership of schools, rated outstanding and good by OFSTED. We believe that direct teaching and learning is the best way to develop the skills required to be an excellent teacher, so we provide School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) through both school direct and provider-led places at our partner schools. For more information on how to become the best teacher you can be, view our website at If you have specific questions afterwards, then call us on 01833 630487 or contact us through the website.