Course Structure

Course Structure

By the effective combination of learning, practice and reflection, it is our aim that, by the end of the course, trainees become proficient and reflective classroom practitioners. They will have the confidence to start their teaching careers with a firm foundation for future development.

Centre Based Training:

These sessions provide the knowledge base for trainees and address ethical issues. Centre based studies include the following: discussions, activities, seminars all with professionals from within the partnership schools, assignments and tasks to ensure the link between centre based theory, subject knowledge and/or pedagogy and school based study. Assignments require trainees to undertake subject related reading.

School Based Training:

This method of teaching and learning enables trainees to transfer knowledge and skills taught within centre based training to the school setting. These skills are developed throughout the course by the following: observations of good practice, school training, teaching, observations and feedback from School Based Mentors and Professional Tutors, school based tasks and discussions with professional colleagues.

Self- Study:

Trainees are actively encouraged to undertake personal study. Skills addressed include self-evaluations, working within a group and autonomy. Trainees write a reflective journal and maintain a Portfolio of Evidence. Trainees develop their own knowledge through reading and research for assignments.